Weather in Abashiri
  • Current Conditions : 21C, Mostly Cloudy - 7:00 AM JST Aug. 30
    Temperature: 21°C | Humidity: 84% | Pressure: 1010hPa (Rising) | Conditions: Mostly Cloudy | Wind Direction: ESE | Wind Speed: 20km/h
    2016/08/30 07:00:00
  • Forecast for Tuesday as of Aug. 30 8:00 AM JST
    Chance of Rain. High:23 ° C.
    2016/08/29 23:00:00
  • Forecast for Tuesday Night as of Aug. 30 8:00 AM JST
    Rain. Low:21 ° C.
    2016/08/29 23:00:00
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Events for April - June

Skunk Cabbage Anthesis

Skunk Cabbage Blossoming Season

Between Abashiri and Memanbetsu, the greatest skunk cabbage colony spreads over an area of 52 hectares. After the snow melts in late April, they begin to put out beautiful white flowers.

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About Abashiri


Of all the prefectures in Japan, Hokkaido is the northern most prefecture, and Abashiri is located on the eastern side of the island facing the Sea of Okhotsk.
Sitting on latitude 44, it is surrounded by lakes, rivers, mountains; a land rich in nature.
Because Abashiri faces the ocean, there is little difference in temperature and is relatively mild for being on the eastern side of the island.

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