Ryuhyo Monogatari Train


"Ryuhyo Monogatari Train" will be launched in drift ice season.

<Train cars in Okhotsk blue>
The train cars use Okhotsk blue as their base color with white lines which symbolize drift ice on it,drawing the images of "The Mountain Range of Shiretoko"and "Siberian Lily"
※About Okhotsk blue : The color which symbolizes the magnificent nature and history of Okhotsk area,including the perfectly clear sky,the Okhotsk sea,the drift ice,and the traditional costume of northern people.

<Train cars in White (image of drift ice)>
These train cars white as their base color to symbolize drift ice,with Okhotsk blue drawings of "Drift Ice" and "Sea Angels" on it.

Drift ice viewing is one of the most popular things to do in Hokkaido during winter time. If you want to enjoy the beautiful drift ice scenery through the train windows or from the observatory of Kitahama station, you can take the "RyuhyoMonogatari Train" which will be launched this season. Enjoy your railway journey of winter Hokkaido with "Ryuhyo Monogatari Train"!!

Servise Zone : Abashiri ~ Shiretoko-Shari