How to access Abashiri!

By Air

By Air

Just 30 min. by car from Memanbetsu Airport to Abashiri. There are flights to and from Memanbetsu Airport to Tokyo, Nagoya, New Chitose, and Kansai (seasonal flights) airports. For details, please check the website for each airline listed below.


Japan Airlines (JAL)
Tokyo flights (3 flights a day), New Chitose Airport (4 flights a day)
All Nippon Airways (ANA)
Tokyo flights (2 flights a day, codeshare with ADO), Nagoya flights (1 flight a day)
New Chitose Airport (3 flights a day), Kansai flights (between June and October only)
AIR DO (ADO) *Japanese
Tokyo flights (2 flights a day, shared code flights with ANA)



There are no ferries into eastern Hokkaido. However, there are ferries from all over Japan into 3 ports in Hokkaido; Tomakomai, Otaru and Hakodate. This is recommended for visitors who wish to sightsee not only in Abashiri but take time to tour Hokkaido.

  • From Tomakomai Port to JR Tomakomai Sta.
    17 min. by bus.
    From Tomakomai Port to Abashiri.
    6 hrs. by car.
    From JR Tomakomai Sta. to JR Sapporo Sta.
    Approx. 1 hr. by train.
  • From Otaru Port to JR Otaru Sta.
    10 minutes by bus.
    From Otaru Port to Abashiri.
    5 hrs. and 30 min. by car.
    JR Otaru Sta. to JR Sapporo Sta.
    40 min. by train.
  • From Hakodate Port to JR Hakodate Sta.
    20 minutes by bus.
    From Hakodate Port to Abashiri.
    9 hrs. by car.
    JR Hakodate Sta. to JR Sapporo Sta.
    3hrs and 30 min. by train.

Notice: If you choose to take the train, we recommend you take the Ltd. Exp. Okhotsk from Sapporo Sta. to Abashiri Sta. which takes about 5 hrs. and 20 min.

Please check each website for ferry companies listed below for courses and running days, and schedules. *Japanese

Ferry Companies

Taiheiyo Ferry
Nagoya - Sendai - Tomakomai
Sendai - Tomakomai
Tel: 81-11-281-3311
Shin Nihonkai Ferry
Tsuruga - Nigata - Akita - Tomakomai Higashi
Tsuruga - Tomakomai Higashi
Maizuru - Tomakomai Higashi
Maizuru - Otaru
Nigata - Otaru
Tsuruga - Otaru (designated days)
Tsugaru Kaikyo Ferry
Aomori - Hakodate
Oma - Hakodate
MOL Ferry Co., Ltd.
Oarai - Tomakomai
Kawasaki Kinkai Kisen
Hachinohe - Tomakomai



If you take the Senmo Main Line which takes you through the Kushiro Wetlands toward the Sea of Okhotsk, you can view the majestic landscape of Hokkaido. During the drift ice season the "Ryuhyo Norokko" train runs between Abashiri and Shiretoko Shari. From Sapporo, the comfortable Ltd. Exp. Okhotsk makes 4 round-trip runs a day.

  • From Sapporo Sta. to Abashiri Sta. (JR Sekihoku Main Line):It takes approx. 5 hrs and 20 min. on the limited express.
  • From Kushiro Sta. to Abashiri Sta. (JR Senmo Main Line):It takes approx. 3 hrs. and 20 min. on the rapid train.

For more details please check the site below.

Railway Companies

Hokkaido Railway Co. (JR Hokkaido Site)
Portal site for the JR Hokkaido Group.
The site lists railway and travel information.
Tel:81-152-43-2362(Abashiri Station)



In Abashiri, there is a bus line that connects central Abashiri to Memanbetsu Airport, a city tour bus that makes a round to each tourist facility, and an inter-city bus which connects Sapporo to Abashiri.
For details please check the Abashiri Bus Company site.

  • Airport Bus (Abashiri Terminal, Abashiri Sta. - Memanbetsu Airport)
    From the airport:The buses run in accordance with the flight schedule.
    From central Abashiri. :Buses leave Abashiri Bus Terminal approx. 70 minutes before each flight is scheduled to depart.
  • City Tour Bus (Abashiri Bus Terminal, Abashiri Sta. - various sightseeing facilities)
  • Inter-city Bus Dreamint Okhotsk (Abashiri - Sapporo)
    Travel time: Approx. 6 hrs.

Bus Companies

Abashiri Bus Company *Japanese
Schedules for airport buses, inter-city buses and fares are listed.
Hokkaido Bus Association *Japanese
An organization of bus companies in Hokkaido. Lists route information and tourism information.

Various Public Transportation Information and Search Sites
Japan Tour Guide
An information site that lists railway and flight routes as well as fares for public transportation all over Japan.

How to Get Around Abashiri City



For those who wish to choose their own time and tour Abashiri, we recommend sightseeing by taxi. There are specially laid-out sightseeing courses available.
For details please check the websites for the following taxi companies. *Japanese

Taxi Fares (ex.)

  • Abashiri Sta. - Memanbetsu Airport (approx. ¥5, 000)
  • Abashiri Sta. - Okhotsk Ice Museum (approx. ¥1,500)
  • Abashiri Sta. - Abashiri Jail Museum (approx. ¥1,300)
  • Abashiri Sta. - Hokkaido Museum of Northern Peoples (approx. ¥1,500)
  • Abashiri Sta. - Aurora Terminal (approx. ¥1,000)
  • Abashiri Sta. - Lake Tofutsu Hakucho Park (approx. ¥3,500)

Taxi Companies

Abashiri Hokko Hire
Abashiri Hire

Rental Cars

Those who prefer to drive themselves around Abashiri can rent a car at Memanbetsu Airport or Abashiri Station. During tourist season it is sometimes necessary to make reservations in advance.
For details please check the rental car companies listed below. *Japanese

Rental Car Companies

Station Rental Car
Memanbetsu Airport Office
Abashiri Office
Toyota Rentals and Lease
Memanbetsu Airport Office
Abashiri Office
Nissan Rental Car
Memanbetsu Airport Office
Nippon Rental Car
Memanbetsu Airport Office
Abashiri Station Office
Times Car Rental
Memanbetsu Airport Office
Abashiri Station Office
Orix Rental Car
Memanbetsu Airport Office



Bicycle rides through Abashiri provide a feeling different from that of a car. However, cycling between December and March when there is snow on the ground is difficult.

Rental Cycle Shops

Nikkokan Ekimae Rental Cycles
Bed and Breakfast Lamp *Japanese
Auto Shop Watanabe
Abashiri Tourism Association located inside Ryuhyo Kaido Abashiri Road Station *Japanese